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Saturday, 27 October 2007

Charity match on November 4th

Another match which will feature Beckham has now been arranged for November 4th against Hollywood United to raise funds to help victims of the California wildfires..

Beckham's impact on the MLS is really in the balance, and he will need to show the doubters what he is made of over the next few games, even though these are all exhibition matches. There are many who will be watching Beckham solely because of the money involved, they have little idea of the talent Beckham has. Similarly many may have been encouraged to spend on LA Galaxy merchandising, and need to know why they have bought a shirt with 'BECKHAM' emblazened on the back - Those of us in the know have no doubts that they have a player that can pull a performance out of the bag when the chips (or fries) are down. Maybe these exhibition games will be a chance for the man himself to show them what the frenzy is all about. Coincidentally, it may be a chance to show England that he is up for the task of beating Croatia...

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