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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Paris Saint Germain

As the January transfer window gets ever closer, it looks increasing like Dave Beckham may be heading to PSG on an 18 month deal at a reported £700,000 per month. French politicians are up in arms at the proposed salary which would make Beckham the highest earning sportsman in France.
Added to this speculation is the distinct possibility that Carlo Ancelotti is also set to join the Paris club as coach setting the scene for an AC Milan 'old boys' network with Leonardo already installed...

I was personally hoping for a return to the Premier League for Beckham, but hopefully if this move comes off, it will present the right platform to launch his bid for a place in the British Olympic team for 2012. Watch this space for breaking news....

UPDATE: The BBC are now reporting that Beckham may be favouring extending his contract with LA Galaxy, which initially looked to be a strong contender - however, taking this step might mean he is in a worse position to get a place in the Olympic team.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Melbourne Victory 2 (3), LA Galaxy 2(4)

In what proved to be the toughest test of the tour, The Galaxy drew 2-2 with hosts Melbourne victory in their final exhibition match, going on to take the victory in the penalty shoot-out.
It was penalties that got them the draw in the first place, both of them sent home by Robbie Keane. Beckham had a chance to repeat his rare trick of a goal from his own half, this time narrowly missing the target.
Berhalter came on for Beckham in the 89th minute, sparing Beckham the penalty shoot-out - Berhalter scored his penalty and LA took the honours despite Landon Donovan sending his effort over the bar.
Donovan is heading for another short stint at Everton in January, Beckham looks increasingly likely to be heading for Paris..

Monday, 5 December 2011

Phillipines 1 LA Galaxy 6

Beckham scores the opening goal in open play (!) in what quite frankly a rout seeing a host of the Galaxy's star players getting goals. Beckham opened the scoring on 20 minutes curling the ball past the keeper from just outside the box. Magee scored a scorcher from Donovan just before the 40 minute mark, and the Phillipines quickly got one back 2-1 to the Galaxy at half time.
Keane scrambles the ball into the net straight after the break, Cristman headed a goal on the hour mark to take the score to 4-1, well out of sight for the Phillipines team. The Galaxy won a penalty on 80 mins and veteran Berhalter took a great penalty to take the score up to 5-1, and Cristman rounded it off on 86 mins, the game finished 6-1 and never for a second did it look like any other outcome was likely..