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Friday, 28 March 2008

Was this Beckhams' last international?

This is the question we are left with after England's dismal performance against France this week. Did Beckham do enough to convince Cappello that he is sharp enough to play for England in the build up to the next world cup. The simple answer is no, and the critics will be pointing out the obvious, Beckham had little impact and did not look fit enough for football at this level.
The supporters (me included) will make another point.. Did ANY of the team that played on Wednesday actually make you feel they had secured their place in the international team? and the answer is a resounding NO!
If you are going to use the argument that Beckham's performance did not merit a recall, then you have to apply the same to Terry, Owen, Hargreaves, Gerard, A. Cole, J.Cole, Rooney, James... do I need to go on??
This squad needs a good kick up the backside and I for one hope that Capello is the man to do it - they are somehow incapable of demonstrating their prowess when they put on the England shirt. Even Bentley, oft hailed as the new Beckham failed to show why he should be the one to oust our hero...
This team is surely going to be a challenge for Capello - let's hope he can inspire them or frighten them or do something to lick them into shape...
Wednesdays match saw Beckham wearing a specially tailored shirt designed for his 100th appearance - I have yet to find out what it was that made it unique - but rest assured he did not give it away after the match, so I guess it's not going to be seen on ebay any time soon..!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Beckham claims 100 caps as England lose to France

Beckham and England started brightly and had plenty of attacking action at the start of the game, but seemingly lacked finishing power. Once again you have to wonder if Wayne Rooney should really be left in a lone striker role rather than having a strike partner close at hand. Beckham himself came close as he came sliding in to try to meet a ball zipping across the French box.
The French team looked comfortable on the ball and were able to gain the advantage when Anelka was brought down by 'keeper David James after a slide-rule pass cut out the English defence leaving James stranded. Ribery converted the penalty and France were 1-0 up. The score remained at 1-0 and England never really looked liked scoring as their performance deteriorated from that hopeful start. Beckham dropped back through the field and was often found behind Wes Brown on the right wing, finally being substituted after an hour. He was replaced by his natural successor David Bentley who also failed to make a significant impact.
The feeling is that Beckham will have a place in the squad for the World Cup qualifiers, he was certainly not over-shadowed by any other England players who failed to shine as a team. This was a disappointing outcome to all the speculation about whether the 100th cap would come. Now that particular sideshow is out of the way, perhaps we can get on with the football...

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Beckham in England squad for France

The 'provisional' squad list has been announced and David Beckham made it into the line-up, and will have a chance of gaining that vital 100th cap. I honestly was starting to think that he was being sidelined (again), but am glad to see that Capello has regard for the contribution that Beckham can make in an international match.
Firstly he has the ability to literally 'create' goals out of apparently nothing and this is why he is such an icon of the modern game. He inspires team mates and is one of the hardest workers on the pitch, often delivering that extra 10% when the team really needs it. He can also be used politically to play mind-games with the opposition. What team is not going to think about tactics specifically designed to nullify the Beckham-effect? IE. to try and stop him from dropping inch-perfect passes into the box from wide-right.
Roll on the 26th...Hopefully the combination of a strong team and a strong manager can pull another win out of the bag for England.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Will Beckham play for England?

Baldini travelled all the way to Dallas to see Beckham play for The Galaxy, and left without even exchanging a word with him. What can we read into this?
Either Baldini does his job without seeing the need to communicate with the ex-England captain who has played for his country 99 times, his English is not good enough or he doesn't want to be the one to tell Becks that he won't be playing against France in a weeks time....
The facts are that Beckham is a hard-working professional who is not at the top of his game and there are plenty of choices for an England Midfield. Capello didn't make the trip himself, but sends a deputy. Beckham plays a competent but unremarkable game. That may not add up to a triumphant return to the England camp with a chance to win that all-important 100th cap.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

No score in FC Dallas v LA Galaxy match

Last MLS season, the FC Dallas faithful were robbed of the chance to see David Beckham when he was ruled out of the SuperLiga match because of injury. 20,000 turned out the see the re-match played out for charity. Amongst those in the crowd was England's assistant coach, Franco Baldini. (Capello himself was otherwise engaged watching Portsmouth with Ray Clemence this weekend - and as a result, must have been impressed with David James's performance in goal.)
The crowd seemingly enjoyed the spectacle at the Dallas
Pizza Hut Park even though no goals were scored, and especially enjoyed Beckham being booked for dissent late in the match. It is evident that Beckham is trying hard, some might say TOO hard lately, and he will need to be careful that he doesn't overstep the mark if he wants to gain a place in the England squad. He learned how to 'roll with it' after being sent off against Argentina in the World Cup all those years ago - hopefully the hot-headed behaviour will not become a feature of Beckhams game when his fitness is in decline.

Monday, 10 March 2008

The Galaxy beaten on penalties

Beckham shrugs off his dead-leg injury from the game against Shanghai Hong Kong, to play a full 90 minutes against Hong Kong Union. The score standing at 1-1, in the closing seconds of normal time, Hong Kong sneak ahead with a penalty for hand-ball. Looking like the game is secure, injury time is played out only for Hong Kong to concede a penalty after three minutes.
Beckham steps up and strokes the ball home (he was the only Galaxy player to score in their last penalty shoot-out a week ago against FC Seoul). Penalties again, this time The Galaxy make a better show of it (Beckham scores again...) and they only lose 5-4 this time...
The Galaxy have not rocked the world on their world tour, but manger Ruud Gullit has had the chance to test out the new blood in the squad and ascertain that their star player is as fit as he needs to be for the start of the MLS. All set for Dallas then and Beckham's chance to show that he is fit enough to play for Engand.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Asia update, Capello to travel to US?

After losing a game to FC Seoul, Galaxy redeemed themselves with a resounding 3-0 defeat of Shanghai-Hong Kong yesterday.
Beckham set up the first goal, but gave his team a scare by limping off after 70 minutes with a thigh injury. It turned out to be dead-leg rather than a more serious lasting injury. There should be little danger of his not being ready to take part in the last game of the Asian mini-tour against Hong Kong Union on Sunday.

The good news is that Capello is prepared to seriously consider Beckham for the upcoming England International friendlies against France and possibly the USA. Plans are being made for either Capello himself or Franco Baldini to visit Dallas to see him play and assess his fitness on March 14th. Capello has also been heard to express the view that he personally hopes Beckham can reach the 100 cap goal and has declared that he is in contention for a place in the squad for the game in France.