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Friday, 21 December 2007

Beckham at Arsenal

Plans are being drawn up for David Beckham to train with Arsenal during the MLS close season. Having not played a game since the friendly in New Zealand, this could prove a vital part of regaining match-fitness after a sketchy start with LA Galaxy.
The plan is that he will arrive in January ahead of the England friendly with Switzerland on February 6th, but nothing is as yet finalised.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Capello positive about Beckham

Capello specifically mentioned David Beckham in his recent press conference soon after being confirmed as the new England manager. He acknowledged Beckham as a valuable asset to the team and this bodes well for David's aim of reaching 100 caps.
The next England international will be a friendly in February 2008. Capello has indicated that he is his own man when it comes to selecting a squad, and that places will be won on merit by players with the right attitude. There is no room for sentiment in Capellos squad and it remains to be seen how the personnel in this group will differ from the last squad chosen to represent England.
Having already acknowledged Beckham's contribution, and having already established a relationship with him from the days at Real Madrid, there is hope that the final chapter has not yet been written in Beckham's international career.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Capello to be new England Boss

Former player and top coach Fabio Capella is now the definite choice for the England job. His CV is impressive, but he is no stranger to controversy. He has won league championships in Spain and Italy, most recently at Madrid last season after having fallen out with David Beckham and then reinstated him in the team. Capello has taken the Champions League crown too with Milan in ‘94, and stepping up to National coach is an obvious next step. Capello left Madrid when sacked in June 2007 despite winning ‘La Liga’. It remains to be seen whether the rift that started between Beckham and Capello at Madrid is truly healed, if not David could remain on 99caps and not manage to achieve the 100 which would mean so much to him.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Beckham on the BBC

Christmas Day right after the Queen's speech, will be an Q & A session on BBC radio 2 with the most famous footballer in the world. The neat thing about this is that anyone can submit questions for David Beckham to answer. You may even get the chance to ask your question in person over the 'phone. You also get the chance to choose an appropriate song to play during the show - naturally I had a go.
I chose the Question: What in your opinion, are the most significant qualities that the next England manager should have?
And I chose 'Hyperactive' by Thomas Dolby as an appropriate song, using the excuse that it describes David's work-rate on the pitch, but mostly because I just love the track!
If you would like to have a go click on the graphic below:

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Phoenix 1 Galaxy 4

Once more David Beckham gave the crowd what they came to see, a thrilling game of football capped of with a penalty expertly put away by the maestro himself.
Beckham displayed his skills by passing the ball all around the field for the full 90 minutes. Those who are not aware of what Beckham brings to a game of football, will have left the stadium in no doubt. He is not a prolific goalscorer, he is a genius at controlling the flight of a ball over a long distance.
Hence this makes him the perfect free-kick take from distance, and the perfect mid-fielder. His crossing from the right hand side of the pitch, consistently delivering the ball exactly to a head or a foot as desired is his own personal magic. In every other footballing department he is more than competent, in this specific area, he is unbeatable.
30,000 came to see the game, and although the home team were outplayed and outclassed, they did get the first goal and will have enjoyed being part of the spectacle. There is some considerable doubt over whether the penalty was merited, and probably even more doubt over whether Beckham would have been the first-choice penalty-taker. The game of football is a form of entertainment as well as a sport, and in that light, I think everyone who attended this match was thoroughly entertained.
Two goals came the way of Donovan Landon, Clint Mathis scored the other Galaxy goal, the Phoenix captain Ross Aloisi got the opening goal.