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Saturday, 5 July 2008

New England 2 Galaxy 1

A goal from David Beckham in the second half was not enough to cancel out the two goals scored by Adam Cristman of New England in the first half in a five minute spell. Both goals were from corners highlighting LA's defensive weaknesses from set-plays.
That said an evening of entertaining football was on show for all neutral spectators. New England had the better of the game in the first half putting pressure on the Galaxy goal from the onset and only Cronin's ability kept the score down to 2.... Few chances fell Galaxy's way.
The second half was a different story as Donovan took the field and allowed the Galaxy to press forward. Beckham wasted an early opportunity opting to volley a ball from too short a distance when a pass might have been more effective, naturally the captain was anxious to put things right. Beckham was to get his chance when more pressure resulted in a hastily headed clearance, Beckham raced up and tried another volley which was meant to break the net... I suspect that he didn't really catch the ball as intended, but there was enough momentum to drive the ball forward, hitting a defender and bouncing over a flailing keeper for the Galaxys opening goal.
Further pressure would not dring any more goals despite Buddle rocking the crossbar. All-in-all when you consider that this was east meeting west league leaders, the Galaxy did not disgrace themselves and may regret not starting Donovan. The score was a disppointment, defensively once again LA were suspect, but in attack they looked positive and still look like a team that will score even though they will also allow the opposition to get on the scoresheet too. Ruud Gullit will have to adopt the ' we will just have to score more goals than you' philosophy of Kevin Keegans first reign at Newcastle United if this team is to get anywhere, otherwise some investment in the back-line might be required.

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Anonymous said...

great post. Even so, the Galaxy are still in playoff position which matters the most. Once the playoffs start, its a whole different game. I'm waiting to see how the a Beckham led Galaxy team will do in the playoffs.