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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Web Hosting

Comparison sites are already a well-established means of finding a great deal on the internet for insurance, energy and a host of other services. If like me, you spend some of your time creating (and monetising) websites, then you may well be looking for a great deal on webhosting especially in the current economic climate.
Personally I have been looking for a good deal on 'unlimited' hosting (ie. a service that allows you to host multiple sites for no additional charge) in order for me to bring all my sites under one account. Right now I have about four domain names registered with one service, three domains and hosting with another, along with several blogs hosted by 'blogger'. One advantage of being able to bring all these domains together on one account, is that many of the unlimited deals include free Wordpress hosting which means I could convert all my blogs to the far more flexible Wordpress format.
WebHostingGeeks.com is a site that does the comparisons for you and highlights the top hosting sites in any of several categories. You may be looking for the best blog hosting or best forum hosting, or even a host that offers a 'greener' solution... this comparison site can give you 'top tens' in any category.
There is even a blog that discusses topics related to web hosting, the latest articles addresses some of the green hosting issues such as power usage and cooling at data-centres.

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