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Monday, 8 February 2010

Getting the gear you want

Whether it's boys toys, gadgets, laptop accessories or essential upgrades for your PC you are after, savings are to be made by shopping from trusted sellers on the internet. The days of high street shopping for cutting-edge technology are all but over, the world-wide-web is better equipped to respond to changes in technology, trends and pricing.
Technological advancements happen so quickly that many items become almost obsolete whilst sitting on a stock shelf.
A few months a go, I needed a laptop bag, but the stock available in the shops (major retailers) were either very expensive or just not big enough. In the end, I managed to find a bargain tucked away, but I know I could have got a better deal on the 'net if I had been prepared to wait a few days for delivery.
Over time, you build up a base of trustworthy websites that give great value for money along with prompt (and reasonably priced) delivery, the latest discovery for me has been gearzap.com. Gearzap has a combination of strong quality brands on offer and prices that beat the high street hands down. Not only that, but this is a UK-based site, no need to work out the current exchange rate, the prices are listed in £UK. I have one more requirement that separates the sites I just look at from the sites I buy from... when I see Paypal is offered as a method of payment, that usually clinches the deal for me.
Gearzap offers accessories specifically matched to some of the laptop market-leaders Dell, Acer, HP, Fujitsu etc. etc., they have laptop hard and soft bags, macbook case supplies, skins, batteries, chargers as well as memory upgrades and card readers, speakers etc. There is still a place in my heart for auction sites if you like your technology to be 'previously enjoyed', but if you like your gadgets 'BNIB', unopened and with a valid warranty, navigate away from auction sites and towards GearZap...

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