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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

New Stars to grace the MLS??

I say 'new' but of course I mean old, and not quite 'past-it' yet...
Beckham's move to the US has so far failed to attract any real high-class acts to follow suit, the best offering up to now has been Freddie Ljungberg - this could be set to change with Thierry Henry being out of favour at Barcelona. Fellow Arsenal 'has-beens' Pires and Viera have also been tipped for teams in the MLS, but personally I can't see Viera walking away from the richest club in the UK just yet...
Far from being bad news for Beckham, the chance to raise his game against professionals of comparitive standing will be a boost - just see how much better he has been able to perform at AC Milan in the Winter breaks... I still have serious concerns about the administration of the MLS - the possibility of drafting in some real stars must trigger a complete re-think of the crazy system that mirrors American football or Basketball models. If you want to be a league that competes with the best, then your league should be modelled on the EPL, Serie A or La Liga.

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