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Monday, 30 August 2010

Capello will consider Beckham for England

Fabio Capello seems to have reconsidered his very public 'writing off' of David Beckham after telephoning him and speaking personally. His normal stance is not to talk directly with players, but made an exception in this case. His relationship with the players has been cited as a cause of unrest, and his detached air may be an issue for the future if not resolved, but equally, players should have respect for their manager and his methods.

Capello has said that if Beckham gets fit and is playing regular football, he will consider him for the squad even though his recent emphasis has been on youth in the squad. Although it sounds like a sound policy, I would reiterate my view that as an Englishman, I am not concerned with age so much as ability to win games. There is a place for youthful exuberance in the squad, there is also a place for experience, but most of all, there should always be space for talent regardless of any other boxes that are ticked or un-ticked.

Capello has written David Beckham off twice now, for Madrid and for England. He was proven wrong in excluding him from the Madrid team, and hopefully Beckham, will get a chance to prove him wrong again.

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