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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Will Beckham go on loan?

There seems to be some dual messages coming from the LA Galaxy camp and from David himself. Whilst in the UK, he has said that he would be looking for a Winter loan-spell again, but LA Galaxy have said that he will not be going on loan.
It is already established that AC Milan are not a possibility this time, but it looks like the Beckham camp are keeping European options open - in the meantime, Sven-Goran Eriksson is faintly hopeful of bringing Beckham to Championship team Leicester City - but even he has realised that this is not very likely...
Beckham has reiterated his desire to represent England again, and he may feel that a European loan spell is once again a key factor in regaining his national place.

Last time there was a dispute over whether Beckham was going on loan or not, Beckham did what he wanted regardless - I have a feeling that if the right offer comes in, he will once again ride rough-shod over LA Galaxy and risk the derision of the fans once more.
Beckham has previously said that the only Premiership team he would come back for is Manchester United, we can safely assume that this pretty much rules out Championship teams too. Whether there is the remotest chance of Sir Alex considering bringing him back to Old Trafford is unknown, but he was prepared to take a risk on Michael Owen...
Personally, I imagine that he will either get a short-term placement in another Italian or Spanish club (although I don't have a clue which ones would be up for it) apparently two German sides, Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg have both been cited as possible options, or end up training (but not playing) with Arsenal again as he did a few years ago.

In other Galaxy news, the team have announced that Landon Donovan will not be going out on loan during the off-season, but personally I believe Donovan performed well below par for the galaxy recently - form that would not be tolerated in the EPL. Also, The Galaxy have 'signed' Jaun Pablo Angel - don't ask me what the 2nd entry draft is all about, the way MLS teams acquire players is frankly ridiculous -but that's basketball...err baseball I mean soccer...

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