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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Back at The Galaxy

David Beckham took part in his first Galaxy training session of the year last Thursday, and said his overall fitness is right on schedule.

“My main objective was to get fit for the Galaxy and for the MLS season," Beckham said after training.

Beckham has talked down his desire to play at Tottenham and talked up his desire to complete the coming season with The Galaxy. Reading between the lines, it all looks a bit like a conciliatory gesture to the MLS - maybe trying to head off some of the criticism that an element of the LA fans will want to point in his direction.

Although he has missed some of the LA Galaxy pre-season, it is likely that a fitter, better prepared Beckham is now available for The Galaxy. Having not played under pressure since the end of the last MLS season, he will no doubt be raring to go. This year of all years, it is time for Beckham to make a difference in the MLS.

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