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Monday, 2 May 2011

FC Dallas 2 LA Galaxy 1

Beckham makes it back from the Royal Wedding to take part in the starting lineup for the game against FC Dallas. Again, in his more central role, Beckham lines up with both Angel and Donovan the first time this season that all three have started a game.
The first half is not a very pretty affair with plenty of clumsy challenges and missed passes from both sides. Beckham had two free-kicks but used both as chances to set up colleagues rather than take a chance for himself. The weather is not helping on this cold and windy evening - the ground is proving slippery, plenty of players losing their footing at vital moments.
Neither team rose above the other in the first half, hopefully the second half will bring some better football.

The second half brings goals right from the start, Dallas scoring after 3 minutes, LA replying through Donovan just 3 minutes later. The paces intensifies as the focus sharpens on getting the vital next goal. On 52 minutes, Beckham strikes from the half-way line narrowly missing the goal. As the hour comes up, it brings intense torrential rain. On 67 minutes Dallas narrowly miss taking the lead. The rain ceases, but the pitch remains wet and the ball is zipping around. Beckham has moved to his more traditional right wing to send in some deliveries as the clock ticks down. However, the weather intervenes on 83 mins as the first flash of lightning causes the ref to halt the game with just seven minutes left on the clock.
The game resumed an hour later with Beckham replaced by Chris Birchall - two minutes from the end Dallas snatched a winner to end this unsatisfying game with a 2-1 lead. The Galaxy will need to show some improvement if they plan to hang around the top of the league this season.

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