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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Beckham Speculation

Speculation is gathering over what Beckham will do when his Galaxy/MLS contract is over at the end of this season, the options are many and various, and I don't imagine that an early decision will be forthcoming.
Variants of the options open to Beckham are:
  • To take on an MLS franchise - this option was in place at the start of the 5-year contract, and still remains a distinct possibility even if he chooses to play or even manage elsewhere (other than the US of course) - his kids are settled stateside, and he may not want to move them on. Obviously this option has been on the table for a long time, and will probably be a contender although not many speculators are favouring this option.
  • Paris St Germaine - Ex-AC Milan boss Leanardo (who bought Beckham to Serie A for a short spell) has voiced his interest in signing Beckham
  • Tottenham Hostpur - would probably be the club that Beckham would consider if the Premier League still interests him. Naturally, if he performs at the top of his game in the Premiership, he would be considered for further England appearances, though it has to be said that Cappello is not short of young English talent at the moment.
  • QPR - have thrown their hat into the ring, but in all honesty, I don't think they have the profile that Beckham will want - the same goes for any clubs in The Championship - he won't want to give the impression that he is dropping down the 'ladder' in order to get a game.
  • Naturally, there are those that would like to see Beckham remain as an LA Galaxy player, and that is certainly an option.
  • Arsenal - are in trouble at the moment and he also had a pre-season training session with Arsene Wenger's squad in the past - Wenger may view Beckham as a valuable acquisition, although this would be uncharacteristic - football is a funny game. In any case, it seems likely that if he were to return to the Premiership (and Sir Alex was not interested..) then it would surely have to be to a London club.
Personally, I would like to see him back in the Premiership, which really means him coming to Spurs under Harry Redknapp, this is made more likely by the 'pre-season training' he undertook with Spurs. There has also been speculation about involvement in the UK squad for the Olympics, and coaching/management which could come to fruition under Redknapp's guidance (especially as Rednapp is a strong contender for the England job). I have always thought that it would make sense to take on an MLS franchise, but as a club owner, he would still be free (in theory) to have a 'job' in another league without conflict of interest - this would enable his family to remain in LA.

There are a lot of 'balls' to juggle, and at the end of the day, he must make plans which suit his fitness, his ambitions and his family (not necessarily in that order..)

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