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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Beckham News

I have been saying all along that Beckham would probably hold to the MLS to the franchise deal that was included in his five-year contract, however this is something for retirement and does not answer the question of where Beckham will play out his career.
It looks likely that he may retire after 2012 if he manages to make it to the GB squad, but whether this is a pipe-dream remains to be seen.
I am quite certain that Capello will not pick Beckham for the England squad - whether Pearce will pick him for the GB squad is surely not exactly nailed-on? although if you check with the bookies - they have him as odds-on for a place in the squad.
The question remains where will Beckham sign next, and as someone who has been observing his tactics for the last few years it will be somewhere that promotes his chances of a GB squad placing, and surely the best place for that will be Spurs? Paris St Germaine gets him into Europe, but now we know what the agenda is:
  1. Olympics
  2. Retirement
  3. MLS Franchise
...a place at Tottenham with Harry Redknapp (confirmed Beckham fan) would surely
be preferable to playing in France? I suppose when you look at it from Pearce's point of view, having Beckham to call on gives you a lot of positives including an undisputed world-class set-
piece expert (not including penalties of course). He potentially plays holding mid-field and can still curl devastating ball into the box from mid-field as well as from the right wing. With Gerrard looking rather injury-prone at the moment, and Lampard not being a dead-cert any more, there may be central gaps that Pearce will want to fill.

In other Olympic news, already Welsh contenders have annoyed the
Welsh FA by being pictured in the GB kit. The non-English home nations don't want their players to be involved as they are worried about losing their identity. To be honest the Welsh, Scottish & NI FA's don't really have an identity to be worried about - their leagues are hardly high-profile, and they should be gracious enough to give their blessing to players who want to play at a level that would normally be denied them


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