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Monday, 5 December 2011

Phillipines 1 LA Galaxy 6

Beckham scores the opening goal in open play (!) in what quite frankly a rout seeing a host of the Galaxy's star players getting goals. Beckham opened the scoring on 20 minutes curling the ball past the keeper from just outside the box. Magee scored a scorcher from Donovan just before the 40 minute mark, and the Phillipines quickly got one back 2-1 to the Galaxy at half time.
Keane scrambles the ball into the net straight after the break, Cristman headed a goal on the hour mark to take the score to 4-1, well out of sight for the Phillipines team. The Galaxy won a penalty on 80 mins and veteran Berhalter took a great penalty to take the score up to 5-1, and Cristman rounded it off on 86 mins, the game finished 6-1 and never for a second did it look like any other outcome was likely..

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