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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Beckham in Manchester

David Beckham is one of two Manchester old boys popping up at Old Trafford today. He appeared in the crowd whereas Paul Scholes made a surprise return to old Trafford, suspending his retirement to help out Manchester United take on Manchester City today.

For a brief moment you wonder whether Beckham would consider putting himself forward if Sir Alex is looking to bolster his squad for the rest of the winter - but the wily Scot is unlikely to entertain the idea for very long, although stranger things have happened ...

The game itself was a good advert for both the FA cup and the Premier League with ManU going three up in the first half after Kompany was dismissed for Man City. ManC pulled two back in the second half and the rest of the game became rather tense. Another long-lost ManU old boy Owen Hargreaves also took the field, but in the blue of Man City.
Man United teased City for the last five minutes keeping possession until City finally got a break and a free kick for a foul on the edge of the box. 92 mins on the clock and a nervy United keep the ball out of the net, the game finishes Man City 2, Man United 3 - ManU go through to the next round of the cup.
No doubt, the Beckhams will be happy with that result.

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