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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Beckham banned

What a thrilling week Beckham has had, but not one he will want to remember. Having had to accept that he will take no part in the GB Olympic squad, Beckham enters the San Jose game with a point to prove. The Galaxy go 1 - 0 down after a lucky early goal, but it is a trademark Beckham free-kick that puts LA on equal footing. However despite going 3-1 up, the Galaxy concede again either side of half-time bringing them back to 3-3. San Jose get another one about the hour mark, and despite two possible penalty area hand-balls, LA can't get a break and lose the game 4-3.
There is another side to the determined Beckham, and we saw that too as in frustration he kicked the ball at a prostrate Sam Cronin, and got into a vocal dispute with players at the end of the match. This conduct got him a one-match ban and an undisclosed fine.

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