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Monday, 26 November 2012

The MLS experiment is over

Beckham reportedly is looking to take on one more challenge before hanging up his golden boots. Speculation is rife as to where he will look to finish his illustrious career. There is much talk about a move to Australia, and some talk about a return to the English Premiership.
The Australia rumour has been around for a while and seems to be possible, although you wonder exactly what sort of challenge would interest Beckham down under.
The Premiership rumour has come about since Harry Redknapp has taken the QPR role, and looks to strengthen his squad. He is a Beckham fan and would gladly have taken him at Tottenham last year - a move to QPR would be a 'challenge' as they are currently bottom of the league without a win - whether that is the sort of challenge Beckham is looking for is yet to be discovered...
Alternatively, Beckham could finish his career in Europe, maybe France with Paris St Germain who courted him recently. A few Englishmen have been playing in on the wrong side of the English Channel this year with Joe Cole and Joey Barton brushing up their schoolboy French and eating frogs legs and snails.

It's difficult to try and guess where David Beckham will end up, but I guess QPR might be attractive since it is not too far from his London home and family roots, and if the offer comes with a chance to get involved in coaching, maybe that would make all the difference. I think the Aussie job is probably odds-on, but QPR is an interesting outsider at this stage.

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