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Monday, 25 February 2013

Paris St-Germain 2-0 Marseille

After a month in Paris, David Beckham finally takes to the field to face his latest test. 

PSG went 1-0 up early in the game when a twice-deflected shot eluded the Olympique De Marseille 'keeper. Beckham celebrated from the bench and was not required to warm up until the second half got under way. He was kept waiting until 16 minutes from the end of the game to make his debut, with the game still in the balance at 1-0. His first touch was typical Beckham as he cleared the ball from his own box under pressure out to a winger - not sure that it was intentional, but the 'pass' turned out to be inch-perfect.
He continued in that vein, one or two way-ward passes, but generally a solid performance playing well to the rear of the midfield protecting the back four.
On this showing, the French game seems to be slower than the Italian league games, sedentary compared with the Premier League, so pace should not be a massive problem. At times the game was played at little more than walking pace.

I am sure Beckham will get a little more playing time in the next game but it remains to be seen whether he will become a regular part of the PSG team. To keep the fans happy, he had a crucial part in the final goal laying the ball off with a delicate touch to the left from a forward position, the receiving player crossed the ball into the path of Ibrahimovic who managed to deflect it goal-wards from point blank range in injury time.
A good night's work for PSG and for Beckham - next game for PSG is a cup game on Wednesday against Marseille again!

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