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Friday, 14 December 2007

Capello to be new England Boss

Former player and top coach Fabio Capella is now the definite choice for the England job. His CV is impressive, but he is no stranger to controversy. He has won league championships in Spain and Italy, most recently at Madrid last season after having fallen out with David Beckham and then reinstated him in the team. Capello has taken the Champions League crown too with Milan in ‘94, and stepping up to National coach is an obvious next step. Capello left Madrid when sacked in June 2007 despite winning ‘La Liga’. It remains to be seen whether the rift that started between Beckham and Capello at Madrid is truly healed, if not David could remain on 99caps and not manage to achieve the 100 which would mean so much to him.

1 comment:

Garion said...

Shame it's not an English manager but Capello is certainly more than qualified so hopefully we can see some success in the future.