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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Phoenix 1 Galaxy 4

Once more David Beckham gave the crowd what they came to see, a thrilling game of football capped of with a penalty expertly put away by the maestro himself.
Beckham displayed his skills by passing the ball all around the field for the full 90 minutes. Those who are not aware of what Beckham brings to a game of football, will have left the stadium in no doubt. He is not a prolific goalscorer, he is a genius at controlling the flight of a ball over a long distance.
Hence this makes him the perfect free-kick take from distance, and the perfect mid-fielder. His crossing from the right hand side of the pitch, consistently delivering the ball exactly to a head or a foot as desired is his own personal magic. In every other footballing department he is more than competent, in this specific area, he is unbeatable.
30,000 came to see the game, and although the home team were outplayed and outclassed, they did get the first goal and will have enjoyed being part of the spectacle. There is some considerable doubt over whether the penalty was merited, and probably even more doubt over whether Beckham would have been the first-choice penalty-taker. The game of football is a form of entertainment as well as a sport, and in that light, I think everyone who attended this match was thoroughly entertained.
Two goals came the way of Donovan Landon, Clint Mathis scored the other Galaxy goal, the Phoenix captain Ross Aloisi got the opening goal.

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