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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Beckham and Donovan

Despite managing to get on the score-sheet early this MLS season, anyone who knows anything about Beckham knows that he is dangerous in front of goal, but never likely to be your top-scorer. Beckham is master of the 'assist' from wide out on the right-hand wing, but does not often dominate the penalty area. This is where his pairing with Landon Donovan must be seen as inspirational. His hat-trick last weekend is no isolated incident with his record as The US team all-time leading striker, and the player of the year trophies that must take up considerable room in his lounge, the Californian is a vital part of Beckhams plan to dominate the MLS.
Of course, where Beckham does excel is from the set play, a free kick outside the box is Beckham territory, and he went close to emphatically proving that point on Saturday. Rest assured, it will not be long before these will be stretching the back of the net when the opportunity arises.

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Anonymous said...

Great entry. If the Galaxy play off this duo then there's no stopping them.