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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Galaxy 0 Rapids 4

Colorado Rapids upset the start to Ruud Gullit's season by thumping the Galaxy 4 -0. Beckham played for the full 90 which is about the only positive that the Galaxy could take from this match. Beckham cited the travel between UK and US as possible mitigation, but that really doesn't apply to the whole team. This was supposed to be the real start of Beckhams chance to impact the MLS, so far, this is not happening... Another positive is that Beckham managed NOT to get booked.. unfortunately Abel Zavier did...twice which saw him take an early shower (even if it was in the 90th minute!). Gullit cannot be happy.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the trip affected Beckham somewhat. But its still too early to judge the galaxy. I've seen MLS teams turn it around after a bad start. We should get a clearer picture today though because they play on National TV against the Earthquakes.

LiVEWYRE said...

I hope they do, I really want them to have a good season, hopefully they will get their act together.