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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Los Angeles 3 Kansas City 1

In a truly thrilling game, Kansas opened the scoring late in the first half with a stunning left-foot strike from Claudio Lopez. The score at half-time was 1- 0 to Kansas, but this was a game that looked open enough to go either way. Early in the second half, Donovan took a tumble and was awarded a spot-kick, though for me, this was a soft penalty and Kansas could have a case to feel aggrieved at the decision.
Buddle built on this platform by adding another on 74 minutes. The game continued at pace, with Kansas going all out for the last set-piece of the match. The Kansas keeper came up to add extra pressure for a corner kick. This plan fell apart as the ball dropped out of the danger area at Beckhams feet, with the Kansas keeper still in the Galaxy penalty box. Beckham carried the ball for a few yards before he decided to have a crack at punishing the Kansas keeper. Still a good ten yards or more short of the half-way line, David Beckham fired the ball into the middle of the Kansas goal from an outrageous distance with not a Kansas player in sight. Providing the crowning glory to an impressive personal and team performance, Beckhams goal took the score to 3-1, with Beckham now on four for the season.

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mlsrepository said...

great game recap. Truly a great game for Beckham also. He was everywhere. Just in case some of you need the highlights. These are provided by Dsimel93 from the mls repository.