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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Beckham or Bentley?

No, nothing to do with cars....despite Beckham's extensive collection...
This is about whether David Bentley is ready to step up and replace David Beckham in the England squad. Or probably more accurately, whether David Beckham is ready to be replaced.
A lot of interest has surrounded the progression of David Bentley through the ranks of the England under 21 side and into the senior squad, as to all intents and purposes, Bentley appears to be a natural replacement for Beckham. He plays on the right, he uses the same peculiar foot-shape that Beckham uses to such deadly effect, and he can hit a free-kick. In many ways, he looks very much as though he will be a perfect like-for-like replacement.
Is this the sum of Beckham's contribution to the England squad?
In my opinion, no - David Beckham has vast experience of football at the very highest level and (when fit and fired-up) can offer a form of leadership even without the captains armband. Fellow players are encouraged to see Beckham charge around the field, and want to emulate his determination and belief.
David Bentley IS a superb talent and has many of the tricks that would make you mistake him for Beckham on many occasions. He is extremely effective for Blackburn, but so far this has not translated into an eye-catching performance in an England shirt. When Bentley has played for England he has looked ordinary, something that Beckham rarely does.
Bentley for the future certainly when he has developed his own game a little more, but ready to replace Beckham - not yet...

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