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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Galaxy 5 DC United 2

Conceding after only two minutes, Galaxy finally record their first win in thirteen games in an exciting game that saw chance after chance mostly aimed at the DC goal.
Things were looking comfortable at the half-way point when a goal from Gordon and two from Donovan in a first half that got the Home Depot crowd to fever pitch.
DC struck the same blow in the second half by pulling one back after just two minutes, but Galaxy had their measure and a goal from Pete Vagenas followed by a goal for Donovans' hat-trick buried a team that never seemed to really get into a stride.
A foul on Beckham saw a red card shown to DC's Marc Burch in the 63rd minute whilst the game was still at 4-2.
Man of the match was Donovan by a mile not only for his goals, but the assist to Vagenas and his general skill at unlocking the DC defence was unmatched by any player on the pitch. Beckham offered his usual contribution of getting the ball into the box and particularly adept long balls from deep defence to the front men. I would prefer the see him operating further up the field, hugging the right side and taking the game to the opposition a bit more, but let's see how the team perform now they have a significant win under their belts...


Anonymous said...

No doubt the galaxy really needed that win. They've been touted as some sort of a joke around the league, lets hope they can make a push for the playoffs. I really think they need to fire the whole coaching staff and start from scratch. But we'll just have to see what happens and then plan for next season.


LiVEWYRE said...

It deosn't look great for them - I would like to know more about Gullit's REAL reasons for leaving... there is something fundamentally wrong somewhere.