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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Will Beckham play in Kansas City

Only three days after the Croatia match and a week after the Andorra match, Beckham will be ready to play for LA Galaxy this coming weekend along with the other players who have been on international duty.
Donovan and Beckham are a vital part of The Galaxy's plan to record their first win in twelve games on Saturday, and after all Beckham has only played about twenty minutes of gentle football on a competitive pitch in the last seven days. The Galaxy herald the return of four players from international duty this weekend, and you can be sure that Beckham will be ready to play.

His future for England remains in some doubt after the Croatia game with Theo Walcott bagging a hat-trick against tough opposition. Walcott is bound to be preferred for future games though he is a completely different prospect to Beckham, and many believe that Beckham will still have something to offer should the occasssion arise. Not every game will be suited to Walcott's strengths, but at the moment you have to say he is the player to watch. It is also apparent that there was no-one in the England side on Wednesday who can take a free-kick like Beckham, Lampard took responsibility on the night and came close to troubling the keeper, Gerrard would probably prove a more convincing alternative when he is fit.

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