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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Announcement expected..

According to Italian sources, Milan are expected to announce a new offer tomorrow for Beckham which may end the speculation about his future.
The deal is likely to see Beckham take a pay cut which will make way for more funds to be allocated to his purchase price. Effectively he is is subsidising his own purchase without going down the slightly humiliating route of having to buy himself out of his contract. There was always going to be pressure on the weakest point in this complicated business deal, and with Beckham declaring his genuine desire to stay at Milan, he became weaker than Milan who had previously expressed their desire to keep him.

That said, the minutia of the deal will be glossed over if he can give great performances on the pitch and put the LA experience behind him. There may be a sting in the tail of the deal which could see him returning to LA after the end of the Serie A season to see out the remainder of his contract until November.
Since the MLS season started in March 2008, Beckham has played right through both US and Italian seasons without a break - if he takes the option of returning to LA, he will be doing the same for two years on the trot. By the time he finishes his contract in LA, he will be straight back into the Serie A again through to June 2010.

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