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Monday, 9 March 2009

Beckham deal signed and sealed

The details may trickle through over time, but the Beckham contract reported earlier in this blog seems to be close to the deal actually struck.
Beckham has officially been signed for AC Milan until June, and this fact has been stated on the AC Milan website - at the same time he remains a Galaxy player, so the deal is basically a loan deal which will repeat itself next year allowing Beckham to return to Milan in 2010.
Both sides are claiming a positive outcome, although Beckham will be personally hit in the pocket, a small price to pay for extricating himself from a footballing backwater and making himself available for the next World Cup.
The Galaxy deal extends beyond the World Cup, and as it stands now Beckham would be expected to finish off 2010 in the MLS as per the original contract. Of course, this could prove an excellent platform from which Beckham can make his bid for the England squad - a man prepared to work straight through two MLS and two Serie A seasons with a World Cup thrown in - reportedly at a personal cost of £2m or $2m depending on which report you read... is surely worth considering for the national squad? On top of this, he has been able to demonstrate that his overall form has not suffered whilst languishing in the MLS, he is at least as sharp as he was when he left Real Madrid when he played under Capello.
As also reported earlier, the deal includes a 'Milan v Galaxy' exhibition match on July 19 at The Home Depot Center. I am guessing Beckham will be playing for Galaxy, and if they bring their top names, AC Milan should by rights absolutely hammer The Galaxy. Messers Kaka, Pato, Seedorf, Ronaldinho, Chevchenko and Inzaghi should be able to rip the Galaxy defence to shreds if it is anything remotely like the defence they ended up with last season.

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