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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Beckham wins libel case

I hesitate to comment on a 'tabloid' story as this blog is unconcerned with most of what happens off the field for David Beckham. However as this comes when there is a lull between the end of Milan's season and when Beckham resumes at The Galaxy, we will make an exception.
In short, Beckham has made The Express Group of newspapers pay an undisclosed sum for it's childish insinuations in one of it's 'rags' that Beckham 'made a play' for some Hungarian model.
We who have watched his career for some time know that it is just not in the character of the man to behave in this way despite the desire that some 'journalists' might have to see superstars publicly disgrace themselves (out of a mixture of jealousy and spite). Shame on them who contribute only negativity to the world.
Beckham was not in court to hear the decision as he is no doubt taking a break before preparing to rejoin The Galaxy in a few weeks. It is likely that there will be the opportunity to get a couple of games for LA under his belt before his team-mates at Milan come calling. The game against Milan is scheduled for 19th July and with the departure of Kaka and Ancelloti, it remains to be seen whether there will be any stars left in the Milan team before the game..

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