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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

England 6 Andorra 0

In a game where no attacking opposition was offered, England easily took the three points which leave them with maximum points and requiring one more win for definite qualification for next year's World Cup.
Minute-by-minute action is too tedious to report as Andorra's 10 man defence struggled and kicked it's way from mediocre to dreadful - in Jimmy Greaves's words, 'the worst team I have ever seen' (Andorra that is). Six-nil could easily have been twelve nil and it still wouldn't have felt satisfying against the team who faced their 18th defeat in a row.
Rooney had three good chances and scored from the third after only two minutes into the game, fed by Glen Johnson who is very quickly emerging as an international player to be reckoned with. Goals followed from Lampard on 28 minutes, and Rooney again on 38 collecting a cross from Johnson and volleying almost unchallenged into the back of the net.
The first half finished at three-nil, the odds-on favourite score at the bookies, the bookies would have been pleased to see that there was little chance of this encounter being over at 3-0.
In the second half Rooney and Gerard gave way to Ashley Young and Defoe, both had immediate chances to score in the first few minutes but the score remained unchanged up to the 72nd minute when Johnson once more provided the pass for Defoe to head into the net from the centre of the box 4-0. Beckham had plenty of chances for spot-kicks and 10 yards outside the box just two minutes later he took aim and the keeper only parried for Defoe to volley past him for his second in two minutes 5-0 to England. Becks dominated the ball and despite cries from the crowd to "shoot!" every time the ball fell to his feet, he spread the ball about to the wings hitting the mark every time. Having said that, he had plenty of time as the Andorrans were in no mood to venture very far out of their own penalty area. (In fact, mass confusion was caused in the 54th minute when Andorra had a free kick actually inside England's half, and had to work out who their attacking players were supposed to be in order to have someone to pass the ball to... it took them a full three minutes to take up vaguely attacking positions before wasting the chance by fouling an England defender). After goal number five, England were running amok over Andorra and Crouch took advantage of a defensive blunder by smuggling the ball under the keeper for goal number six. 6-0 then and 10 points clear in their group, one more win required. One hopes this evenings game will not 'spoil' England because they surely will not be allowed the freedom of the field that they were allowed tonight ever again. John Terry will never have an easier game Robert Green in the England goal will never keep an easier clean sheet. All you can say is 'job done', you can only beat the team that shows up, the main point of interest in the last two games has been the contribution from Glen Johnson who rightfully claimed man of the match.

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