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Sunday, 14 March 2010

AC Milan 1 AC Chievo Verona 0

At last, Beckham earns a place in the starting line-up for the first time since Manchester United visited the San Siro, possibly a place earned by his evident commitment in the return leg at Old Trafford. The game seemed evenly matched in the early stages, neither side willing to give any quarter as tackles went flying in. After about ten minutes, Beckham went in bravely to head the ball and caught a boot in the face which gave him a deep cut. However, Beckham was keen to resume the game after minimal treatment. Despite a couple of free-kicks in what would be regarded as 'Beckham territory', it is clear that he does not seem to be first choice for free-kicks but is nonetheless, still taking corners. He did however get to take the kick on 34 mins when he himself was fouled over on the right wing. A game pattern was emerging as the half progressed, Milan were disappointing but threatening to dominate whilst Chievo seemed intent on amassing as many bookings as possible with three in about a ten-minute spell. The ref must have felt obliged to even things up and so booked the very next Milan foul regardless of the lack of any bad intent.
On about 42 minutes Chievo gave Milan a warning by surging forward and hitting the cross-bar, Abate was injured in the attempt on goal. Whilst Abate was off the field, Chievo again caught Milan on the break, and this time had the ball in the back of the net, but were unfortunate to have a goal ruled out as off-side. A tired-looking Milan side struggled on to half time and went into the break at 0-0 after three added minutes.
Early in the second half, Beckham is still showing his commitment by playing high up the field and winning the ball. A Beckham corner placed expertly on Ronaldinho's head went wide, and on 56 minutes, Ronaldinho hit the post with a fine effort shortly before Inzaghi came on for Gatusso.
Milan pile the pressure on Chievo and are threatening once more to dominate and control the game as the hour mark ticks around. Chievo are still threatening on the break and Pinzi wastes a chance in front of goal with a bad contact heading wide. Beckham is stamping his presence all over this game, meanwhile Seedorf is warming up on the sidelines.
Inzaghi had a golden chance to nick a goal on 73 mins, but took a tumble when he could have taken it around the keeper. Finally it's Pirlo that makes way for Seedorf, but of all the Milan palyers, it is Borriello up front that appears to be sluggish, as he has right from the first half. Again on 80 minutes, Chievo issued another warning with a fine cross that failed to get a contact, in return Ronaldinho narrowly missed once again. In the meantime, Beckham is popping up all over the pitch and challenging for the ball like a terrier, even getting on the end of a Ronaldhino cross in the box, but the keeper effectively smothered the chance. Beckham ended up being stretchered off with an injury to his left ankle moments before Seedorf finally buried the ball in the back of the net - At last Milan are back in the Serie A title race despite their failure to take this game by the scruff of the neck. Even Inzaghi seemed to want to take another touch when he should be taking the first chance.
The game ended at 1-0 and Milan can count themselves lucky to finally secure the three points - we wait to see whether the injury to Beckham will impact on his chances to feature in the world Cup.

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