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Monday, 15 March 2010

Beckhams World Cup Dream Could be Over

This was a scene that any Beckham fan does not want to see, with no-one near him, David Beckham pulls up, passes the ball away, hobbles then crumples to the floor to be picked up by stretcher-bearers after over 90 minutes played on Sunday night. Ironically, this is the first time for weeks that Beckham has had a sniff of playing more than 15 minutes. Despite a couple of nasty clashes in the game that left him with a badly cut face in the first half, he had given a display that left no-one in any doubt that he was match-fit.
The injury is likely to be a torn achilles tendon, on which it is expected he will have surgery this week. Reports from Milan indicate that he may not play for six months ruling him out of the World Cup. Beckham is reported to be distraught, and many of his Milan team-mates have taken little consolation from Sundays victory in light of the seriousness of the injury. He was hoping to be the first England player to go to four consecutive World Cups, this seems hardly likely now.

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