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Friday, 4 February 2011

Beckham could have a future at Spurs

Seems like a story has been made from a non-committal quote by Harry Redknapp - a story has been printed by The Independant implying that Harry would be keen to sign Beckham at the end of the year.
In fact, Harry's quote is more like him not ruling out the possibility rather than him putting the proposal forward. However, his sentiments are no doubt sincere, he thinks Beckham would enhance his squad, so maybe there is a chance. Personally, I always thought Beckham would retire after his five years in the MLS, but never say die where David Beckham is concerned.

For now, the brief flirtation with the Premier League is over as Beckham must prepare to return to Pre-season with LA Galaxy. Harry has been oozing praise for Beckham and his dedication in training over the last few weeks - just a pity he didn't get the chance to put the shirt on for the fans...

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