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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Decision time

According to those that know, Beckham will have required 2 weeks training prior to playing a league match - he has been doing the training, but at the moment, it looks like he won't be playing. However, even if the playing deal was done, the chances are that it would be next weekend before he would play a match anyway.
So if the wheeler-dealing is to be done, it will be done next week I guess with the target of next weekend for Beckham to take the field, or resign himself to not playing for 'Spurs at all. Meanwhile LA are lining up pre-season games that they expect Beckham to be ready to take part in.

The story has gone quiet recently, which may hide the fact that there could be frantic negotiations in the background - I hope this is the case otherwise a lot of hopes and expectations will be dashed.
When Spurs played Man United last week, Beckham was seen talking to England Manager Fabio Capello, there was quite a bit of shrugging going on which could well be interpreted as 'I am doing my best to get the deal done, but things are out of my control...'

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