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Sunday, 24 July 2011

LA Galaxy 1 Manchester City 1 (6-7 on penalties)

David Beckham went on record this week accusing Manchester City of trying to 'buy' their way to the top, contrasting with the Manchester United story of consistent performance over a long top-flight history. Later this week, The MLS All-Stars with Beckham amongst their number will get the chance to show their class against Manchester United, today Manchester City get the chance to show just what they have in the squad although it is unlikely that at this point in the season, The Galaxy will be in a position to field their first choice squad for ninety minutes.
The first half was dominated by Manchester City as they easily controlled the majority of the play - after 20 minutes Balliotelli converted a penalty for Man City as Micah Richards was brought down in the area. However just a few minutes later Balliotelli found himself substituted by Mancini after outrageous 'showboating' in front of goal. His offence was to turn his back on the LA keeper when clear in the penalty area and try (unsuccessfully) to back-heel the ball into the net. The crowd, the opposition and even team-mates were equally appalled, and Balliotelli was in no doubt that he had offended his manager when he was called to the bench and removed from the game (I believe he was also booked for his petulant display). Balltiolli is living proof that you can give a child a mans' wages, but it doesn't mean he will grow up - Premier League fans are used to his bizarre behaviour, he apparently has not matured.
Beckham played most of the first half as a make-shift left-back, and with the All-star game looming, was not expected to come out for the second half.

Man City go into half time one-nil up, and the second half appeared to be a continuance of the first, until 52 minutes when A MaGee strike from distance soared over Joe Harts head for a spectacular LA goal. This inspired a frantic 5 minutes for LA when they pressed the Man City goal until they regained composure and possession. The second half looked a lot more evenly balanced even with some key LA players missing, and a debut for 16 year old Jack McBean up front.
LA hold on for the rest of the ninety and the game ends at 1 - 1 in normal time - penalties to follow...

After 2 clean penalties each, Juninho hits the post for The Galaxy - but Perk saves the last and final penalty of the initial five. Jack McBean has his penalty saved, but Lescott for Man City has a penalty saved by Perk too. Gonzales gets a goal despite Joe Hart getting a good hand to it.. We are up to the ninth round, and Hart saves from De Le Garza, Joe Hart himself takes the ninth penalty for Manchester City and smacks the ball with some venom past his counter-part Perk. Man City take the points...

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