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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

NY Red Bulls 2 LA Galaxy 0

Although The Galaxy missed out on the change of clinching the supporters shield on the night, Seattle's loss at the weekend secured a second successive supporters shield win for LA Galaxy.

On the night, LA were missing Keane and Donovan and looked a shadow of the team that normally puts in a decent effort at least. Luke Rodgers and Thierry Henry scored on the half-hour and hour mark respectively, not only that but both NY strikers hit the inside of the post during the match allowing The Galaxy to get away with a defeat rather than a humiliation. On a positive note, that's back to back games in which Beckham has avoided a yellow card..!

Hopefully, the team will find some motivation from somewhere for the play-offs with two more league games to come and a concacaf game taking us up to the end of October.

In the meantime, Leornardo is apparently still pushing to have Beckham at Paris St Germain with some French press speculating that the deal is agreed in principle and just needs a signature. This is unlikely to be accurate, and until David puts pen to paper, the speculation will no doubt continue. There are few that would doubt that this next deal will probably be the last, and the previous requirements to impress the England manager is not so pressing as Beckham is unlikely to earn any more caps.
At this juncture I would say that he will likely as not stay at Galaxy as they are sure to want him - a move to England would be risky, but if it was going to happen, I would say Tottenham under Harry Redknapp. I don't see a bid by any other European club being considered seriously, but you never know...

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