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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Where will Beckham go next?

As the MLS season comes to an end, speculation is mounting over which way Beckham will turn when it comes to signing a new contract.
I have to say that the easiest option would surely be to stay with the Galaxy, or even switch to a different MLS team with the option of an MLS franchise in the future. Gathering momentum now (thanks to the Daily Mail and various French newspapers) is the proposed move to PSG under former AC Milan head coach Leonardno. Speculation is fuelled by the fact that PSG have new wealthy owners who would like to make an immediate impact by bringing in some big names.
No doubt Mrs Beckham would feel quite at home in Paris, but it is doubtful that Beckham will want to drag the family away from LA, unless it was a move back to the UK.
I am still of the opinion that Tottenham is the most likely premiership team who will be able to swing the deal unless Sir Alex has a sudden change of heart (which is not likely).
When you look at all the options and factor in the fact that Beckham is highly unlikely to get another shot at an international appearance, I believe The Galaxy looks like the option that keeps most people happy. However, there is no knowing what Beckham's personal ambitions are - so there is always the chance of a surprise.

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