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Saturday, 24 November 2007

England manager latest

More people who don't want to manage the England team:

Alan Curbishley (West Ham) says he is happy where he is and is not interested in the job this time, not surprising since he was publicly snubbed last time...

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) says he would be interested if he were English. Wenger would no doubt be a popular choice amongst England fans, but why on earth would he give up the Arsenal job, to find himself as another failed England manager in two years time...??

Franz Beckenbauer has suggested that Jurgen Klinsmann is the man for the job. He has a history at Tottenham of course, but apparently is not prepared to uproot himself from his home in California.

There are reports that players Terry and Gerrard will be canvassed by the FA for their opinion about who should manage the team. This proposal flies in the face of Roy Keane's view that ego's amongst the playing staff are at the route of the problems. He didn't suggest that Gerrard or Terry were the one's with the inflated ego's, but you have to question making the precedent giving this type of power to players who have failed to produce the results.

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