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Friday, 23 November 2007

Who would be an England Manager?

Several new hopefuls have emerged as prospective England Managers, some it should be said, may be using the opportunity to wangle a new paydeal from their current employers (Surely not...!).
The latest crop include Rafa Benitez (hoping for new pay deal at Liverpool.....), Steve Coppell (Reading) who says he has attracted speculation simply because he is English, and Harry Redknapp (Portsmouth) who has said that he doesn't really expect to be asked....
Martin O'Neill may be reluctant to apply since he was turned down before by the FA, Mourinho says he doesn't want the job, but is still favourite with many....
Sam Allerdyce (Newcastle) was interested when he was working at Wigan and his bosses were 'happy' for him to apply, but this time around, he says his loyalty is with his new club and new contract.
So, far lot's of people saying that it won't be them... let's hope the smoke clears soon, and the speculation is ended with a swift appointment.

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