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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Beckham eyed by Newcastle

There is a rumour, and it should be stressed that this is pure speculation... that Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley is preparing to make a bid for David Beckham, currently training at Arsenal in preparation for the England friendly on February 6th.
Having just performed the miracle of bringing Kevin Keegan back to Newcastle, you wouldn't bet against a man that could do that...!
This would surely just be a short-term loan deal whilst the MLS is on it's off-season- I'm not convinced that he would be prepared to come back to the Premiership without having fulfilled his promise in America. I can't see the Beckham family swapping the LA lifestyle for a new gaff in the 'toon', however passionate the Geordies might be about their football. But then.... you never know.... I watched Arsenal getting whupped 5-1 by a high-riding Tottenham tonight, I bet it crossed Arsene Wenger's mind to bring out Beckham as the fifth goal went in...

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