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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

David Beckham at No. 10

We are not used to seeing Beckham at No.10. He has made famous his No.7 Man Utd and England shirt, and 23 for Real Madrid and LA Galaxy.
Of course, the No.10 in question refers to No.10 Downing Street in London and his visit to the Prime Minister of the UK, Gordon Brown. Beckham reportedly spent an hour in discussions with the Prime Minister, the Culture Secretary and the Children's Secretary. David said that Gordon showed an interest in the Beckham Greenwich football Academy which he is due to visit soon.

It is widely believed that Beckham will be given a central role in the UK bid to host the World Cup after his involvement in the success of securing the 2012 Olympics. No doubt Beckham will eventually be in line to upgrade his OBE to a full knighthood if he continues to serve his country as effectively of the field as he doubtlessly has done on the field....

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