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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Beckham in England squad for France

The 'provisional' squad list has been announced and David Beckham made it into the line-up, and will have a chance of gaining that vital 100th cap. I honestly was starting to think that he was being sidelined (again), but am glad to see that Capello has regard for the contribution that Beckham can make in an international match.
Firstly he has the ability to literally 'create' goals out of apparently nothing and this is why he is such an icon of the modern game. He inspires team mates and is one of the hardest workers on the pitch, often delivering that extra 10% when the team really needs it. He can also be used politically to play mind-games with the opposition. What team is not going to think about tactics specifically designed to nullify the Beckham-effect? IE. to try and stop him from dropping inch-perfect passes into the box from wide-right.
Roll on the 26th...Hopefully the combination of a strong team and a strong manager can pull another win out of the bag for England.

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Anonymous said...

I would take beckham any day over the younger players. Skill is not all he brings but also leadership and a veteran mindset. I think he is still very dangerous with his passing so France will have to do a good job to cover him.