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Friday, 28 March 2008

Was this Beckhams' last international?

This is the question we are left with after England's dismal performance against France this week. Did Beckham do enough to convince Cappello that he is sharp enough to play for England in the build up to the next world cup. The simple answer is no, and the critics will be pointing out the obvious, Beckham had little impact and did not look fit enough for football at this level.
The supporters (me included) will make another point.. Did ANY of the team that played on Wednesday actually make you feel they had secured their place in the international team? and the answer is a resounding NO!
If you are going to use the argument that Beckham's performance did not merit a recall, then you have to apply the same to Terry, Owen, Hargreaves, Gerard, A. Cole, J.Cole, Rooney, James... do I need to go on??
This squad needs a good kick up the backside and I for one hope that Capello is the man to do it - they are somehow incapable of demonstrating their prowess when they put on the England shirt. Even Bentley, oft hailed as the new Beckham failed to show why he should be the one to oust our hero...
This team is surely going to be a challenge for Capello - let's hope he can inspire them or frighten them or do something to lick them into shape...
Wednesdays match saw Beckham wearing a specially tailored shirt designed for his 100th appearance - I have yet to find out what it was that made it unique - but rest assured he did not give it away after the match, so I guess it's not going to be seen on ebay any time soon..!

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Anonymous said...

you're right. You cannot place the blame squarely on Beckham. It was the whole team. As you said, Capello will have his hands full with this team.