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Sunday, 16 March 2008

No score in FC Dallas v LA Galaxy match

Last MLS season, the FC Dallas faithful were robbed of the chance to see David Beckham when he was ruled out of the SuperLiga match because of injury. 20,000 turned out the see the re-match played out for charity. Amongst those in the crowd was England's assistant coach, Franco Baldini. (Capello himself was otherwise engaged watching Portsmouth with Ray Clemence this weekend - and as a result, must have been impressed with David James's performance in goal.)
The crowd seemingly enjoyed the spectacle at the Dallas
Pizza Hut Park even though no goals were scored, and especially enjoyed Beckham being booked for dissent late in the match. It is evident that Beckham is trying hard, some might say TOO hard lately, and he will need to be careful that he doesn't overstep the mark if he wants to gain a place in the England squad. He learned how to 'roll with it' after being sent off against Argentina in the World Cup all those years ago - hopefully the hot-headed behaviour will not become a feature of Beckhams game when his fitness is in decline.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the hot headed behavior has been characteristic of Beckham in his career. I think hes just trying to establish that leadership role.


LiVEWYRE said...

He has been fairly level-headed on the whole, my concern is that frustration with declining fitness might come out in aggression - it's just a concern that I hope doesn't come to fruition.