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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Houston 3 Los Angeles 0

In a game lacking David Beckham, LA were unlucky, but nevertheless crumbled within twenty minutes proving woefully inadequate once again in defence. After just 13 minutes a low ball into the box was back-heeled into the Galaxy net by a Galaxy player under pressure. Time and time again, the Houston attack swept through the Galaxy defence leaving them wide open at the back.
Houston added to their lead in the 20th and 23rd minute leaving Galaxy little chance of getting back into the game.
If the defence were poor, the attack were unlucky not to get the ball in the net at the other end, hitting post and bar and deserving maybe a couple of goals out of the tie. One is left assuming that the Galaxy philosophy is that they will score more goals so they don't need a tight defence - todays lesson is that when you are not getting the luck of the bounce in attack, you need a defence that is not going to leach goals at the other end. You can't guarantee that even the best attacking line up is going to net you three goals every time, however as it stands right now you wouldn't get good odds if you tried to lay a bet on the Galaxy conceding at least two goals in every match.
Disappointing is the word that sums this performance up, Galaxy miss the Play-offs again, and the investment in David Beckham has not produced the results the fans were hoping for.

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