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Friday, 31 October 2008

Milan contract signed

The deal for Beckham to join Milan on loan has been signed. David officially joins Milan on January 7th 2009 until an unspecified date. The over-riding feeling is that he has a commitment to rejoin the MLS and will return in due course. The new MLS season starts in March. Cappello has been vocal in supporting Beckhams loan move, suggesting that this could be a good thing for both Milan and for Beckham. He also took the chance to praise Beckhams' professionalism and commitment to football.

In light of the deal, The Galaxy have postponed the off-season game against Queensland Roar in Brisbane on December 11th as they cannot guarantee Beckham's availability. However, the fixture against an 'Oceania All-Star' team in New Zealand on 6th December will still go ahead.

Apparently intense negotiations have been taking place over the most valuable asset that Beckham brings to a new club: his image rights....
This in a week when he has publicly told off clubs for paying youngsters too much and snuffing their ambition early. To be fair, he has a point, young players can be very well off indeed without even getting to be part of the first team, but for a man who is supposed to be worth £125m. he had to choose his words carefully.

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