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Monday, 20 October 2008

Beckham Rumours

Beckham spent time at Arsenal at the end of last season, this time it looks like the Beckhams will be packing their suitcases for Milan.
There are rumours that he will stay in Europe after the break, but then there were rumours last time that he would join a premiership team.
I think that we must assume that Beckham will be at the Galaxy next year, but there are some factors to consider:
Has the Beckham 'experiment' worked for the Galaxy? - has he made a significant enough impact at the Galaxy and on the MLS?
In reply you have to say he has not been able to deliver results though he has remained in place even while Ruud Gullit has come and gone...
Has the MLS experience worked for Beckham?
I believe that there are positives and negatives here, certainly he has had an impact on the MLS and quite possibly opened the door for some quality players to follow his lead. Whether it has really helped his game is questionable. It must be frustrating to not be able to deliver on expectation and that has to affect his state of mind. He has managed to keep his place (actually regain it) in the England squad despite strong feelings that this would not be possible - so there are some positives to come out of it.
The question remains then, does Beckham see himself as a real contender in European football, or will he settle down to see out his career in the MLS. Surely a major aim now would be to play as much part in the World Cup as he possibly can, and he has shown that he can do that whilst playing for The Galaxy and I'm not sure he's ready to give up the MLS just yet at least while he cannot say it has been a success.

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