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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Galaxy Update

After declaring that he could see no benefit in Beckham going to Milan on loan, Landon Donovan is spending 10 days training with Bayern Munich. This news is officially announced on the Galaxy website, but as yet there is still no acknowledgment of Beckham's deal with Milan on the same site. To the outside observer it seems that relations between Donovan, Beckham and The Galaxy are not as they should be. Speculation is abound that Donovan may sign a deal (even a short-term one like Beckham) with Munich although his quoted value is around a mere £1.7m... Nobody is suggesting sour grapes, but he has not resisted the opportunity to take the odd verbal dig at Beckham (OK - maybe I am suggesting sour grapes...). One thing at least is certain, and that is that at The Galaxy Beckham and Donovan need each other.

On Beckhams official blog he says he would like to have gone to the proposed December game in Australia, but for the fact that the game was scheduled to happen in the players agreed 'family time'. The articles I read suggested that plans for the game were scrapped after the loan deal with Milan was worked out implying that either Milan or Beckham had the final say - It's fairly clear that without Beckham, there would be no reason to drag LA Galaxy over to Australia....

The game in New Zealand is still set to go ahead in about three weeks, presumably Arena, Beckham and Donovan will have a chance to work out their differences - but I think it's fair to say the honeymoon is over and the lack of silverware at The Galaxy has not helped.

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