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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Beckham in training for The Galaxy

Beckham returns to training this week with The Galaxy in preparation for the game against the Oceania All-Star Team in Auckland at the Mt Smart Stadium on Saturday 6th December. This will be the last game before Beckham goes to Milan on loan.

The Galaxy have kept quiet about the Milan deal and the feeling one gets is that they are fairly tight-lipped and uncomfortable about it. Beckham however, has been keen to stress that his loan spell will keep him fit and be a benefit to The Galaxy next season. David is even talking about trophies for LA in the coming season even though this season has to go down as a big disappointment.

Looking at the facts, we know that Milan were interested in signing Beckham before he went to LA, and The Galaxy have to be concerned that if he gets an offer as a result of this loan period he may well consider it seriously. On the other hand, he is making all the right noises about returning to the MLS next year. He is contractually obliged to LA, but that has never stopped a footballer in the past - if someone can come up with the cash to release him from his contract, then you have to say that it is still a possibility. I am not yet convinced that he has given up on the American Dream, but to go against the wishes of The Galaxy in this way leaves you wondering what has changed in the last 18 months.

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